Football 1905

Photograph courtesy of Dickinson College Archives

This unusual picture was taken on the Cherry and Louther Street Field which the College had purchased in 1890.  It was taken by Anna Bacon, who apparently was at the College from 1900 - 1910.  This picture was taken during half-time of a game between Dickinson College and Penn State in 1905.  Dickinson lost the game 6 - 0.  (Click here to see more on this game and another Bacon photograph)

By 1905, electricity had come to Carlisle, as had the automobiles visible in the background. Both town and college were prospering.   However, the horse and bicycle were still popular among both male and female students.  There seem to be a number of non-student fans at this game, but the mature clothing and blurriness of the picture make it hard to tell the age of the observers.  The field is by this time a permanent playing ground, although earlier photographs show merely a fenced in field with chalk lines drawn in the dirt.  The field in this picture has a set border of some sort and stands for the observers.  During the 1904-1905 year, there was a movement among the student body to christen the field the Buchanan Field, after President James Buchanan, the most famous Dickinson graduate.

The coach at this time was Forrest E. Craver, who was also the physical director of the College.  The captain of the team was Paul J. Davis. This photograph is interesting because it is proof that some things, like the behaviour of college students at half time, have not changed too much over the years.

Maureen McIlhaney