Ovando Byron Super

A short biography

photograph courtesy of the Dickinson College Alumnus 1935
Ovando Byron Super graduated from Dickinson College in 1873, where he received his A.B. or B.A.. Following his graduation, Super taught modern languages at Delaware College from 1873-1876. He then decided to travel to Leipzig and Paris to study German and French. He returned to Dickinson College in 1878 and taught at the Dickinson Seminary until 1880. During this time, Dickinson conferred upon him an M.A. in 1879. He left Dickinson in 1880 and began to teach at Denver College where he had the title of "Professor of Modern Languages." During his teaching at Denver, Boston University awarded him his Ph.D..  His Denver teaching experience was short lived though because in 1884 he returned to his alma mater and took the position of "Professor of Modern Languages." A very popular faculty member, he taught French, German and Spanish. He also wrote many textbooks for French and German students.  He stayed at Dickinson until his retirement in 1913.

Dickinson College Alumnus 1935, p.7