The Origins of Old West and Evolution of Its Uses
By Joseph Imperiale & Christine Line

Courtesy of the Dickinson College Archives
History of Construction

The People and Places of Old West

One of the more interesting 'finds' on the search of the usage of Old West was the Microcosm yearbook that combined years 1918-1920.  The yearbook format is in a diary fashion, allowing the most descriptive details of events. Here are a few:
April 23, 1918
Cake eating contest in West. Morganthal and Fox tie for first place.  Archie a close second.
January 3, 1919
The Bolsheviki suite in West have open house.  Warne refuses to attend. Plans made to initiate Dr. Sellers.
January 30, 1919
                  Speaker in Chapel. Everybody cuts but Sophs. There's a reason.  Ask Divinick.
March 26, 1919
Fat Baker is flunking Gym. and doesn't feel a bit ambitious.  Y.M. and Y.W. social tonight.  Mike Glowa
appears in Chapel Hall for the first time in four years.

Durbin Oratory

Custom made rotating altar
Courtesy of the Dickinson College Archives

Note on the music heard, with appropriate hardware: Mozart's music was a feature of this time; the opening of his "Fantasy in C Minor" is included here.



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Drop Files, Courtesy of Dickinson College Archives

Old West

Durbin Oratory

Memorial Hall