Dickinson College Dramatic Club

The Dramatic Club was one of the few organizations on campus that included both men and women. The clubs offices were held as follows:

Director:  William Henderson
President:  Leroy Trayer (Alpha Chi Rho)
Vice President:  Helen Baker (Zeta Tau Alpha)
Secretary:  Kathryn Dunkin (Chi Omega)
Technician:  Lockwood Fogg (Phi Kappa Sigma)
Stage Manager:  Lockwood Fogg

With a total of 18 members, the Dramatic Club put on an average of two shows a year. In December of 1933 the group presented "Icebound" and in April of 1933 it presented "Cappy Ricks." The performance of "The Dover Road" in April of 1934 was reported to be a huge success (attach link to article from the Dickinsonian).

Besides performing shows, the main goal of the Dramatic Club, as stated in the 1934 Dickinsonian, is "to evolve a perception of beauty...It gives poise through self-development; stimulates an appreciation and understanding of life by experiencing vicariously the emotional life of others." Thus the Dramatic Club focused not just on pleasing others and entertaining others, but on expanding ones self and opening ones mind to others and their lifestyles. True to this goal, the Dramatic Club was open to any and all students who wished to join and there seemed to be no visible hierarchy within the group formed by Greek association or otherwise.

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