Debate Club

                    The Debate Club of 1934 was an all male club composed of fourteen members and four faculty advisors. The president of the Debate Club was Beta Theta Pi, William Woodward. The treasurer was Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jack F. Gothie, and the manager was Phi Epsilon Pi, William B. Rosenburg. The faculty advisors were Herbert Wing Jr., C.W. Fink, Ralph Schecter, and Wilbur H. Norcross. The Debate Club was an active participant in intercollegiate debates and competitions. They attended debates held throughout the year at the University of Pennsylvania, Temple, Penn State, Franklin and Marshall, Gettysburg, Western Maryland, Allegheny, and Muhlenberg.

                    Tau Kappa Alpha was the intercollegiate honorary debating fraternity comprised of members of the Debate Club. It was established on Dickinson's campus in 1915 and had eight members in 1934. They included the Debate Club's President, W. Woodward and the treasurer, J. Gothie. Two of the faculty advisors for the debate club were also members of the debating fraternity. They were R. Schecter and H. Wing Jr. The other four members of the fraternity were students Edward First, Wayland Lucas, Al Smigel and Roy Kuebler.

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