Herbert Wing, Jr.

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    Herbert Wing, Jr. was born on December 8, 1889 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but was reared in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He graduated from Harvard University in 1901 and furthered his education at the University of Wisconsin where he received his Ph. D., in 1915. He began teaching at the Wilmington High School in Wilmington, Massachusetts in 1909 as an Assistant Principal. Wing taught at the University of Wisconsin from 1910-1912 and from 1914-1915 as a Student Assistant in European History. He was an Associate Professor of European History at the University of Michigan's 1917 summer session.
    Wing came to Dickinson College in 1915 as an Associate Professor of Greek Language and Literature. In 1920 he became full Professor of Greek Language and Literature. While at Dickinson College, Wing taught many courses in German, Greek, Latin and all types of History courses. Every freshman from 1916-1946 was required to take Wing's Ancient History course. He was the Chairman of the Greek Department and the Chairman of the History Department since 1937. In 1948, Wing was the first incumbent of the Robert Coleman Chair of History.Wing retired in 1960 with Professor Emeritus rank.
    In addition to teaching, Wing was a successful debate coach. The students gave him honorary membership into Omicron Delta Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha and Pi Gamma Mu, all honor societies. Wing also was the faculty member in charge of the bookstore at Dickinson College. He ran the bookstore for over twenty-seven years. Wing held the position of secretary of the faculty from 1940-1946. Many referred to Wing as "Mr. 3 by 5," because of his insistence for students to take notes on assigned readings on three by five inch index cards.
    Wing married Helen Leonard Gilman in1916 and had one son who graduated from Dickinson College. A letter from President Corson  shows the college's appreciation for Wing's involvement at Dickinson1. Herbert Wing, Jr., died on September 13, 1972.


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