Student Grievances & Politics
Criticism through The Dickinsonian
      The Students of 1934 had many grievances and issues with different aspects of the College.  The greatest amount of grievances regarded the different types student politics, greek and class.  In 1934 the fraternities of the College were in firm control of several different arenas such as athletics, class politics, Men's Senate, and other non-Greek organizationsThe fraternities would divide up the office and captain positions in these organizations and use their influence to enforce their decisions.  For example, to be a captain in a certain sport meant that you must be in a certain fraternity.  Also, the class officer candidates and elections were under the heavy influence of the Greek organizations.  Freshmen were rushed according to their candidacy for these class elections.  In 1934 The Dickinsonian published several articles regarding the resentment towards the fraternity influence and control in non-Greek affiliated arenas.  This is interesting since Spencer B. Smith and Harry C. Zug were both members of the Sigma Chi fraternity.  Aside from Greek issues, The Dickinsonian also released articles criticizing the Men's Senate and its competence.  The fall budget not only took too long to produce but it did not meet the students satisfaction and needed to be revised.  Throughout The Dickinsonian of 1934-35 articles portraying the student grievances appear consistently and frequently.
Articles from The Dickinsonian on Class Politics and Greek influence:
Articles from The Dickinsonian on the Men's Senate:


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