Fraternity Houses

Phi Delta Theta
Stuart Hall c. 1965
Phi Delta Theta became part of Dickinson College in 1880. It was originally housed in the Psychology Building that was built in 1899. However by 1931 the building had become to small for the fraternity and it was sold to the College for class uses. The Fraternity then moved across campus and built their new home, the current Stuart Hall to house their members (32 members in 1931-1932 academic year).

Phi Kappa Psi
Phi Kappa Psi c.1925 Phi Kappa Psi entered the college in 1859 and purchased their home in 1904. Through subsequent renovations and modernization's they were said to have a very satisfactory home. It was also the longest home in continuous occupancy by any fraternity. In the 1931-1932 academic year their membership totaled 40 individuals.

Theta Chi
Theta Chi c.1950 Theta Chi was acquired from the Long Family and remodeled for the cost of $32,000 in 1925. The renovations added a third floor dormitory, and turned four of the first floor rooms into one large living room. Further improvements were made to the showers and bath rooms along with a new heating system. The exterior was stuccoed and the existing porch removed for a newer more spacious one. 1931-1932 school year saw 27 members.

Phi Kappa Sigma
Fraternity Row c. 1963
(Center Building)
The Phi Kappa Sigma home was purchased in 1923 and remodeled and renovated for their purposes. It was said to be one of the best homes on campus. in 1931-32 they had 41 members.

Alpha Chi Rho
Fraternity Row c. 1963
(Far Left Building Barely Visible)
From 1907 till 1919 Alpha Chi Rho rented a home on West College Street before purchasing their new home on Fraternity Row in 1919. Subsequent remodeling greatly improved the house. They has 27 members in 1931-32.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
SAE c.1925 Sigma Alpha Epsilon was installed in 1890 and had their first house on West Louther Street. In 1922 the purchased Judge W.F. Sandler's home and remodeled it six years later to a comfortable setting. In 1931-32 they had 23 members.

Kappa Sigma
When Kappa Sigma entered Dickinson College in 1902 it was given exclusive rights to the Eastern Portion of East College, the former President's Residence. In 1932 they vacated the residence and purchased a house. In 1931-32 they counted 20 members.

Sigma Chi
Sigma Chi c.1925 Sigma Chi had entered the College in 1859 and was originally housed in a home just east of the old South College. These facilities were to small and razed for the construction of the Alumni Gym. They then moved into a newly purchased home in 1924 were they lived. In 1931-32 they counted 39 members.

Beta Theta Pi
Beta Theta Pi c.1940 In 1906 Beta Theta Pi built their own home just west of Mooreland for their members. It would be enlarged and remodeled several times over the years and would be by 1934 the longest occupied building originally constructed to be a fraternity house on Campus. In 1931-32 they had 32 members.

Phi Epsilon Pi
East College c.1930 Phi Epsilon Pi would take the recently vacated portion of East College previously housed by Kappa Sigma in 1932. Previous to this they had been renting homes since entering the college in 1914. They had 13 members in the 1931-32 year.

Sigma Tau Phi
East College c.1930 Sigma Tau Phi would be housed in the third section of East College next to Phi Epsilon Pi, starting in 1932. They had 21 members in the 1931-32 year.

Commons Club
East College c.1930 The Club was founded in 1924 and would have continuous occupancy of the eastern most portion of East College. in 1931-32 they counted 27 members.
*Note that all information and member numbers are taken from the 1933 Dickinson College History*
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