1934 D Club

The Dickinson College " D" Club was an organization started in 1901 to recognize those students who had lettered in a major intercollegiate sport.  The main purpose of the "D" Club was to "provide co-ordination between the administration and the student body in regard to our athletic policies, to promote recognition of athletic achievement and to show athletics' importance in our school."  It was also a social setting for those who participated in collegiate sports in which special bonds among athletes could be strengthened and maintained. Before the "D" Club was founded, there was, however, another athletics club called  the Alpha Omicron Delta athletic society which too had the goal of creating spirit and support for the varsity athletic teams.  Although the "D" Club is not as strong of it was in the past, it still raises funds for athletic team use. 

There was and still is a Constitution that the 'D" Club was founded upon.  The promotion of harmony among all varsity athletes with the administration, faculty, and other students is a primary goal of this document.  Membership is still only awarded to those who have earned a varsity letter in any recognized sport.  When the "D" Club was at its strongest, meetings were held to admit new charter members and vote upon other serious tasks that concerned the school and the athletic community. It was considered to be a great honor to be a member of the "D" Club.  There were fewer members in 1934 and the constitution had a stronger base than today when student organizations are more numerous and varied. 

This photograph above features the 1934 "D" Club charter members.  These members consisted of James Reeves, Hugo Vivadille, Carney Hughes, Milt Davidson, Joseph H. McCormick, John Biere, F.E. Craver, Hi Bower, George Hansell, Ben James, Wes Day, Jack Daugherty, Dick Stover, Lou Calverson, Fred Crosley, Bob Haigh, Fred Green, Joe Hildenberger, Josh Bartley, Bob Finney, Jim Night , Del Slurinski, John Scott, Dick Wolfrom, Al Bass, Gordon Bolter, Chick Kennedy, Fred Gladeck, Dick Myers, Tom Zug, Percy Williams, Joe Sipinski, and Bill Juay.  This picture was taken on the front steps of the Weiss Center, at the time the Alumni Gymnasium. 

Photo and summation courtesy of Luke Bussard and Dickinson College Archives

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