The Presidents Office
The role of the president is an incredibly important position in a college environment, especially at a time when the rest of society and the economy as a whole is somewhat unstable.  The president serves as the leader of the college and while he/she does not act alone, his/her actions greatly impact the college.  During  the 1930s, when the Great Depression was affecting much of the United States, Dickinson College needed to maintain a feeling of stability.  While the college was not directly affected by the depression, the many changes in the presidency during this time left scars on the college and ultimately affected college life.
A Brief History of the Presidential Changes

The Scars Left By the Frequent Changes in Presidents

-Heather Reardon 2003
Class of 1934     Chronicles

Dickinson College

Dickinson 1934 is a project of Prof. Osborne's History 204 Class, Fall Semester 2000.