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Nine portraits of distinguished Dickinsonians were presented to the College at the Sesqui-centenial dinner, which was held in the Alumni Gymnasium on Saturday, October 21st. Two of the portraits were the gifts of classes, one of an alumnus, and six others were given by relatives or descendants of the subject. President Robert C. Clothier of Rutgers University was the principle speaker, while Boyd Lee Spahr, President of the Board of Trustees, was the toastmaster. The college orchestra, directed by Ralph S. Schecter, played a musical performance during the dinner. Souvenir booklets of of the Dickinson College portraits were distributed at the dinner.

1.    Dr. Benjamin Rush - signer of the Declaration of Independence,  Surgen-General in the Continental Army, and one of the principle figures in the founding of Dickinson; was presented by the class of 1908. The portrait was made by Frederick Roscher and was presented in an address by Harry E. McWhinney, member of the class and attorney of Pittsburgh.

2.    Dr. Matthew Brown - graduated from the college in 1794, was the first president of Washington College, serving from 1806-1822, president of Jefferson College from 1822-1845; was given to the college by Dr. Maitland Alexander of Pittsburgh. The portrait is the work of James R. Graham and was presented by the great grandson of Dr. Brown, Rev. Henry A. Riddle, Jr., D.D., of Lewisburg, PA, who was graduated from Washington and Jefferson College in 1907.

3.    Dr. William Henry Denny - graduated from the college in 1814 and received his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania; was presented by his great grandnephew, William H. DuBarry, director of the scholarships and student finance, University of Pennsylvania. The portrait is by the artist Leo A. Marzolo.

4.    Dr. William Henry Allen - member of the faculty of Dickinson College from 1837-1850 and twice president of Girard College, as well as President of the American Bible Society from 1872-1880; was presented by Dr. Cheesman A. Herrick, President of Girard College. The portrait was the gift of an anonymous alumnus of the college and was painted by Miss M. F. Winner, after a portrait by J. Wilson.

5.    Dr. Robert Alexander Lamberton - graduated from the college in 1843, served as President of Lehigh University from 1880-1893; was presented by his daughter, Mrs. Rollin H. Wilbur of Philadelphia. The presenter of the portrait was Howard R. Reiter, of Lehigh University. The portrait was done by Marie C. Priou.

6.    Dr. Richard Alexander Fullerton Penrose - graduated from the College in 1846 and later received his M.D. from the University of Pennsylvania and the LL.D. form Dickinson College, was professor of obstetrics at the University of Pennsylvania from 1863-1889; was presented by his son Spencer Penrose of Colorado. The presentation address was made by Major General M. A. Delaney, commandant of the US Field Medical School, Carlisle. J. W. Clawson was the artist of the painting.

7.    John Hays - graduated in the class of 1857, distinguished lawyer and banker, received the honorary degree of LL.D. from his alma mater, was presented by Raphael S. Hays, of Carlisle, was a member of the Board of Trustees. The presentation address was made by Hon. E. M. Middle, Jr., former president judge of the courts of Cumberland County, and member of the Board of Trustees. The portrait was painted by the granddaughter of the subject and the daughter of the donor.

8.    Hon. Edward William Biddle - graduated in the class of 1870, president judge of the ninth judicial district of Pennsylvania form 1895-1905, and trustee of the college from 1898-1931, President of the Board of Trustees form 1912-1931; was presented by Mrs. Biddle and their son, Edward M. Biddle of Ardmore, PA. The presentation address was made by Professor W. H. Norcross of the college faculty. The portrait was the work of Frederick Roscher.

9.    Dr. John Frederick Mohler - graduated from the class of 1887, was professor of physics in the college from 1896-1930; was the gift of the class of 1913. The presentation address was made by William A. Gunter, attorney of Hagerstown, MD. The portrait is the work of Wilber Fisk Noyes.

                  *All information on this page was obtained in the Dickinson Alumnus, found in the Archives and Special Collection at Dickinson College.


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