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Dickinson College invited 135 colleges and universities, including the 11 older American colleges, to it's 150th Anniversary.   15 were from New England, 50 from New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, 20 from the South Atlantic States, and 50 from other parts of the US and foreign countries.  Each of these colleges invited a delegate to represent them.  The delegates began their registration at 9am in the Social Hall in West College.  More than 100 of the special guests were housed in the homes of the faculty and citizens of the town.  The ones that didn't stay with faculty or citizens of the town stayed in the Molly Pitcher, Argonne, and New Wollington hotels.  As they arrived, the delegates were met by students, provided by the student YMCA, and taken to the College for registration1.  The delegates appeared in academic costume for the Academic Procession on October 21st.  If the delegate didn't have a costume, they were able to rent one from the college.  A Bachelor's costume cost $4, a Master's costume cost $5, and a Doctor's costume cost $62.

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*The 3 .jpg files were copied from the Convocation Program, which was found in the Sesqui-Centenial Drop File, Archives and Special Collection, Dickinson College.

1.  Dickinsonian, October 20, 1933, Archives and Special Collections, Dickinson College.
2.  The Dickinson Alumnus, 1933-1937, Archives and Special Collection, Dickinson College. 

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