Master of Music
John Charles Thomas
Doctor of Sacred Theology
John Baillie
Doctor of Science in Education
William C. Sampson
Edwin M. Wilson
Doctor of Science
Charles A. Fife
James Hall Mason Knox Jr.
Spencer Penrose
Doctor of Literature
Allan Abbot 
Stephen Vincent Benet
William Rose Benet
A. Edward Newton
Doctor of Humane Letters
Arthur H. Lea
Doctor of Laws
Wyatt Brown
Joseph Buffington
Robert C. Clothier
William M. Lewis
Clarence E. Martin
William P. Tolly
Luthor A. Weigle
Frederic C. Woodward
Harold W. Dodds

*All information on this page was found in the Dickinson College Alumnus, found in the Dickinson College Archives

Class of 1934     Chronicles

Dickinson College

Dickinson 1934 is a project of Prof. Osborne's History 204 Class, Fall Semester 2000.