Leonard Peter Supulski
Posthumous - September 26, 1981

Leonard Supulski, Class of 1942Leonard Supulski was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania in 1920, one of the twelve children of a Lithuanian immigrant.  He graduated from Kingston High School and entered the College with the class of 1942.  He attended the College for four years but fell just short of the credits needed to graduate.  He participated in the Commons Club, the Catholic Club, played basketball and ran track, and was said to have worked "in every eatery in town."   His most memorable contribution to campus life was his career as a star football receiver, perhaps the best in College history.  Wearing number 30, he also put in yoeman effort on the defensive line.  His catching earned him records, however.  He caught 48 for 586 yards in 1941, a mark that stood until 1984.  He was elected that year to the United Press All Eastern First Team that year, as well.  His skills as an athlete allowed him to play for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1941 and 1942 after the Dickinson season ended.

Supulski entered the Army Air Corps as a private in early 1943 and completed flight navigation training at Selman Field in Louisiana, receiving his commission in July 24, 1943.  Following further training at Moses Lake, Washington, and after a short leave to visit his wife of a year, June Lutz Supulski, in her native Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania,  he reported in August to the 582 Bomb Squadron for advanced training in Nebraska.  Two weeks later, Leonard Supulski was killed in the crash of a routine training flight along with seven others near Kearny, Nebraska on August 31, 1943. 

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