Bosler Hall
A New Home for the New Millennium (January, 2000)

Bosler Hall
"I believe that there is a sense of fulfillment and simply, appropriateness, in bringing back a part of a building separated for years from its original spot--in essence, we have brought Bosler back to Bosler and in so doing, are recapturing for the current Dickinsonians a powerful part of our past."



William G. Durden '71

President, Dickinson College
The arrival of a new president in 1999 would eventually lead to a successful outcome for CROC's efforts. William G. Durden, a member of the class of 1971, directed that the Cartouche be moved from its location on the edge of campus to a prominent place in front of Bosler Hall.

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The Ride A few days after the start of the new millennium, the Cartouche was loaded onto a truck and taken for a short ride down College Street to its new home.

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And so, after 60 years of exile the Cartouche and its two putti were reunited with Bosler Hall. The 25 years of lobbying by the Committee to Restore Our Cartouche (CROC) succeeded, and a little piece of Dickinson history will now be seen by many new generations of students.

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New Home
  • Historical photos of Bosler Hall and the Cartouche, as well as articles from The Dickinson Alumnus and The Dickinsonian, were provided by the Dickinson College Archives and Special Collections. Thanks to James W. Gerencser, Acting Archivist, and Michele M. Tourney, Departmental Intern.
  • Current photos of Bosler Hall and the move of the Cartouche were taken by Dickinson College photographer A. Pierce Bounds.
  • Prof. Noel Potter provided background information on the Committee to Restore Our Cartouche.
  • Thanks to Jen Dangle for retyping the articles from The Dickinson Alumnus and The Dickinsonian.
  • "CROC and the Bosler Cartouche" was created by Paul Dempsey, Dickinson College Web Manager.

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