Bosler Hall
The Dickinson Alumnus - May, 1977

Dickinson Alumnus

The Weathervane

A mixed bag of faculty members, administrators, emeritus faculty, alumni-etc., meet on a more or less regular basis to share the lunch hour in Holland Union's snack bar.

Conversation, as might be expected from such a diverse group, is wide ranging, and periodically someone has a particular interest to push. During March a recurring theme was the Bosler Hall cartouche. Several members of the luncheon group want to see the sandstone carving in a "more fitting" place.

Anyone around after 1941 possibly missed the cartouche since that is when it was removed from the front of Bosler, then the College's library building. The stone languished in a barn until the hiding place was torn down. At that point the class of 1913, about to celebrate its 55th reunion, came to the rescue and had the cartouche implanted in the area between Adams and Witwer Halls, facing the back of the law school. While not generally noticed there, it is on public view.

For those of you who haven't seen the cartouche it has a certain quality of primitive craftsmanship. Supporting the scroll which told the world this was Bosler Library are two putti. It is these putti who are a problem since they have been a bit too graphically delineated for some current tastes. Oddly enough, 1885, when they were carved, would seem to be part of the Victorian era-and the cartouche graced Bosler until 1941. Naturally the carving has had some attention from students and on a sunny day in March it was noted that red paint had been applied carefully. It is doubtful that the cartouche will be removed from its home under the back-campus trees and probably the original instigator really wants things left as they are. He is sure to introduce another scheme any day now.

The College has a highly visible mermaid, also by an unknown craftsman, and she isn't likely to be superseded by two male infant cherubs.

Nancy Lee Winkelman
Director of Publications

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