Plan of education for


Rush's Plan of Education - p. 1 I     Of religious Instruction
As the fear of the LORD is the beginning of all wisdom, and should be the end & Object of all education, the youth in this college shall be instructed in the principles and obligations of the christian religion.
    For this purpose the following method shall be adopted, Ist. All the youth in this college under the age of        shall be taught the catechism of their respective churches.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 2 For this purpose

2     Ist. Public prayers shall be held every morning & evening at such hours as shall be agreed to by the faculty of the College. For the improvement of the youth of the first Senior class, they shall at the pleasure of the Principal or professor who directs the public worship read one or more than one chapter of the bible every morning & evening, & one of them [Students] shall set a psalm [at the direction of the Pcl. or Professor], & direct the music of the College [in the Evening].
3     2ly. The Principal shall preach at least Once every Sunday to the Students of the College & to such others as chuse to attend, & laws shall be made to compel oblige the Students to attend public worship in such places of worship churches as are most agreeable

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 3 to their consciences or judgements. [but if the Prcl. shall preach statedly in any of the Churches in the Town it shall be deemed a fulfillment of the above Article with respect to him.]
4     3 Questions in theology shall be given to each member of the Senior Class to be answered in writing first on Sunday evenings, after or before public prayers in the presence of the College, and as many of the inhabitants as chuse to attend. The Principal or one of the Professors shall preside at the delivery of these compositions.
II     Of moral discipline

Laws shall be made by the faculty of the College for the suppression & punishment of immorality. Youth under 11 Years of age [in ye grammar School] shall [may] be the subjects of corporal punishments, but these shall never exceed ferrulling on the hand, and the Appeals shall be made in all punishments as much as
1 This is one of the few instances when the word "expunged" appears following a passage that is not lined or crossed out. We may suppose it applies only to the paragraph immediately preceding.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 4 possible to the Sense of Shame in that active & general principle of action in young minds. Youth above Youth above 11 years of age in the college shall be punished
1     With fines for
2     I with private admonition by the Principal or one of the professors.
3     2 with admonition by the Principal & Professors.
4     3 with admonition by the Principal or one of the Professors in the presence of the whole College, and
5     4 by Rustication, or banishment into the country, & Seclusion from the Society of the College. This punishment is to preceed a reference or appeal to the board of trustees [Expulsion] in cases where expulsion may be necessary. The Sentence [Such Sentence] of expulsion shall be [the Act of the Board only] signed by the President or Vice President of the board, & recorded in the Journals

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 5 of the faculty. It shall likewise be read publickly by the Principal or one of the Professors in the presence of the whole College.
III     Of Humane knowledge & learning the branches of learning & [to be taught in the College shall be the following & in the order the Faculty shall direct]
The For the Sake of communicating instruction more easily, the youth shall be divided into four classes Viz: Senior, Junior, Sophimore & Freshman, and a Grammar School.
The branches of learning to be taught in the College shall be
1     Languages
consisting of
the Latin
French and
2     Mathematicks, natural philosophy including Chemistry,
3     Geography

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 6 4     Logic,      5. The doctrine of being commonly called Metaphysicks.
6     Moral philosophy, including government & the law of nature & nations.
7     History & Chronology, including Ancient & modern, civil & eclesiastical.
8     Mythology.     9. Antiquities, of Egypt, Greece, & Rome.
10     Philology, including Grammar in all its parts, Rhetoric, Criticism, &c.
11     Divinity.
For the Sake of improving the youth in composition & public Speaking, the faculty shall oblige them frequently to exhibit exercises in both ways at such times, in such languages, & in such manner as they shall think proper.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 7 IV     The price of tuition to the Students of the college & grammar scholars shall be 25 / — entrance money & five pounds —— a year. The latter to shall be paid half yearly. A delay of more than 3 months shall punished with a private intimation not to attend further recitations. Each graduate in Arts shall pay one dollar to each professor for signing his diploma, & one dollar towards a fund for encreasing the library. The English Scholars shall pay 40/a year.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 8 IV     V     of Examinations.

For the sake of promoting & of ascertaining the progress of the youth in the different branches of learning there shall be held an examination of each of the Classes every quarter of an year before the faculty of the College, and once a year before the a board of trustees as well as the faculty of the College.
Each Class shall bear the name imposed upon it for one year. Youth who are found to be deficient at either of the Above examinations shall be turned back to study with one of the inferior Classes.
The Examination for the degree of Batchelor master of Arts shall be in all the above named such languages, Arts & Sciences which are customary in other Colleges in America as are customary in other Colleges in America or as may be tho't necessary by a [one or two words worn away at foot of "page".] The examinations

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 9 for degrees shall be held on        and the commencement       on exactly four weeks after the examination.
The vacations shall be fe during the months of April & October.
VI     of graduation

Each Candidate for a degree shall write a short thesis upon any subject he pleases within the limits of the literature taught him in the college — the subject to be first approved off by the Principal of the College. This Thesis shall be

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 10 written in Latin, Greek or French, & shall be printed at the expence of the Candidate on paper of a quarto size. He shall furnish the Principal, Professors & each of the trustees with a copy of it, & as many of his [the Trustees & his] fellow students as he pleases. He shall likewise deposit 2 copies of it in the public library, one of which shall be bound up with others of the same size, & preserved there with for ever. This Thesis shall not be printed untill it has been examined privately by the faculty of the College, a testimony of which shall be the words "Per legis Imprimatur" subscribed by the Principal of the College. Each Candidate shall defend his thesis publickly at the commencement, against such Objections as shall be made to them in latin, by the faculty of the College.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 11 The rest of the exercises of ye commencement shall be regulated & altered occasionally of by the faculty of the college.
VII.     Of ye Dress of the Studen Principal,
Professors, & Students of the College.

The Principal shall wea Dress of the Principal & professors upon all2 public occasions shall [deleted and illegible] consist of black [deleted and illegible] Upon public Occasions they
2 The preceding two words should doubtless have been lined out for deletion, along with those that follow. On the other hand, the whole of this paragraph is redundant in phrasing and is difficult to reconstruct with certainty. Though its meaning is clear enough, different readers will have different opinions on what was intended for omission and what for retention.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 12 shall wear gowns & bands. The gowns shall be black.
For the sake of imposing restraints upon the youth in their external behaviour by exposing them more easily to detection when faulty, by means of a dress peculiar to them, each of the classes shall wear at all times coats distinguished by the following badges. Viz: The Senior Class shall wear two black tossils on each Shoulder. The Junior two on the right, & one on the left. The Sophimore, one on each Shoulder, & The Freshman one on the right shoulder. None of the Students shall be permitted to wear gowns out of their rooms or lodgings except
This Species of dress being calculated when worn constantly to produce in young men expense, slovenlyness a lounging manner

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 13 & in some instances loose behaviour.
VIII.     of the LIBRARY

The library shall be open on certain days of the week, & the [Trustees] Principal, Professors & Students of the College shall have permission to take out such books as they please for a given time (to be fixed by the faculty) provided that each person first sign an obligation to return the same book or the value of it [or if more than one Volume the Value of the Sett] within the said limited time if it should be injured

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 14 by Use or [Expunged ]3 lost. One of the Professors shall act as librarian for which he shall receive the sum of
The citizens of Carlisle shall have the use of the public library subject to the above regulations, with the exception that they shall deposit the value of the book as a pledge for its being returned in due time, & shall pay one dollar specie a year for the use of the said books. The money obtained in this way (after paying to the librarian shall be appropriated wholly towards making additions to the library.
3 This word is written at the foot of a "page" but within a paragraph. To just how much of the "text" of the entire paragraph it was intended to apply can only be conjectured.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 15 IX.     The Grammar & English Schools.

The Grammar & English Scholars shall be kept by themselves & shall be subject to the same rules except as the Students of the college (excepting such as relate to them as classes). The Schools shall be examined quarterly by the Principal & professors, & annually by before a board of trustees. English & Grammar Scholars shall wear a small star on the right breasts of their coats.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 16 X     Of BOARDING & LODGING

Whereas the business of education is to qualify youth for the duties & manners of domestic as well as of public life, and as these are better acquired by their living in private families, than in any other way, & as the restraints imposed upon young men by the difference of Age & sex, often prove the means of preserving them from vice, no young man who conducts himself properly in a private family, shall be compelled to board, or lodge in the College, when suitable apartments are provided for that purpose.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 17 XI     Of GYMNASTIC EXERCISES

Whereas the health & figure of the body, contribute much to display ye: endowments & Accomplishments of the mind, the youth in Dickinson College shall be permitted to learn the exercises of swimming, skating, and4 such other exercises as5 are innocent, conducive to health, & external elegance & such as shall be as that approved off by the Principal
4 This word should probably have been deleted in the manuscript with those that precede it.
5 This word was probably deleted by mistake. The syntax of the sentence as finally revised requires it.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 18 & professors.
XII     Of the meetings & Voting of the faculty.

The principal of the College shall have the power of calling a meeting of the faculty when, & as often as he pleases. Three professors likewise (when agreed) shall possess the same power. In the Absence of the Principal the professor of Rhetoric, Belles Lettres &c. shall

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 19 preside at such meetings, & in his Absence the Professor next eldest professor of Languages. In all deliberations of the faculty, the Principal of the College shall have a casting voice where the votes are equal.
[xiii     of Bye Laws.]

All laws & regulations made by the faculty shall be obligatory during the recess of the board of trustees, provided they do not contradict the Charter of the College, or any part of this plan of education [or the Plan of Government]6. They shall be
6 This expression may simply be an alternative for that which precedes it. No other "Plan of Government" distinct from the "Plan of Education" is identifiable.

Rush's Plan of Education - p. 20 adopted by & ratified or rejected by the laid before the board of trustees at the [deleted and illegible] commencement [at the next Metting] after they are made, to be ratified & or disalle disannulled by them.

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