The Reading Room

The Chronicles Reading Room consists of a collection of letters, documents, books, and other printed items that have been digitized and made available online.  The materials presented in the Reading Room have been selected by the Chronicles editors because of their unique value in sharing the history of Dickinson College with a wide audience.  The contents of the Reading Room have been arranged by format: Books, Articles, Speeches, Documents, and Letters.  A brief explanation of the types of items found in each category appears below. 

As the Chronicles continues to expand, so too will the Reading Room; new items will be added as they continue to be published online.  For this reason, more than one visit to the Reading Room is recommended.

Books and Pamphlets 
Consisting primarily of printed histories of Dickinson College, this section of the Reading Room contains materials published by and about Dickinson.
Articles and Essays 
Included here are both published writings that were printed as part of a larger journal,  magazine, or book, and unpublished writings, such as themes composed by Dickinson students for their classes.
Speeches and Orations 
This section of the Reading Room includes transcriptions of speeches, addresses, and orations delivered by members of the Dickinson community. Speeches that have been transcribed by someone other than the speaker have been duly noted.
College Papers 
Materials included here are drawn from the College Archives, the official records of Dickinson College.  Besides Benjamin Rush's "Plan of Education," the College Charter, committee reports, memorandae, and other select administrative records can be found here.
Personal Papers 
Diaries, letters, and other personal memorabilia regarding Dickinson College are available in this section of the Reading Room. 


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