The annals of Dickinson College, its long history, and its constancy of promise.

Welcome to the Chronicles of Dickinson College.  With these pages, the editors are drawing into one place a much needed and authoritative source of information about Dickinson, a "first stop" in the telling of the long and distinguished story of the College.

The centerpiece of this effort is the Encyclopedia Dickinsonia, a growing collection of readily accessible information about the College.  The project seeks to employ and keep abreast of the latest technology available in order to bring this information to the widest possible audience.

Dickinson College: A History by Charles Coleman Sellers, the most recent comprehensive attempt to write the history of the College, is now almost thirty years old.  The editors of the Chronicles have placed this work online as well as other published histories from our past; an anonymous sketch from 1811, Collins (1856), Allen (1875), Himes (1879), Super (1923) and Morgan (1933).

The Chronicles project is meant to be more than a mere informational resource, however.  Its editors have designed these pages to be a living tool for the teaching of history and historical methods.  Over the past four decades the tradition of teaching history as a discipline at Dickinson has evolved instruction which engages students as active producers of history.  In other words, they learn their craft by drawing upon the raw materials of history - archives, personal papers, oral histories - to bring the rich past of Dickinson College and its personalities to life.

Student works produced electronically through this practical approach to instruction have also been collected and made available for use through digital "links" with the Encyclopedia.  The aim of the editors is to extend and nurture this relationship with the College's student-historians.

But the excitement of history should never be limited. To this end, the editors encourage contributions from all friends, researchers, and members of the College community who share our interest in and commitment to Dickinson's storied past.  The editors have also initiated a "timeline," a continuing project which both highlights the year by year adventures of Dickinson College and places them in the context of happenings in the world beyond our walls.

We welcome any comments, criticisms, or questions you may have regarding the Chronicles.  Our primary aim will always remain that of "accuracy."  Any assistance towards this often elusive task of the historian will be gratefully accepted.  Please contact the editors at this address.

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