College President Chronology

Upon the opening of the College, the term "Principal" was applied to the office of the executive of the College. From an early date, however, "President" gained acceptance in reference to the school's ranking administrator.

1785 Charles Nisbet
1785-1786 Robert Davidson (Acting)
1786-1804  Charles Nisbet
1804-1809 Robert Davidson (Acting)
1809-1815 Jeremiah Atwater
1815-1816 John McKnight
1816-1821 The College was closed during this time
1821-1824 John Mitchell Mason
1824 Alexander McClelland (Acting)
1824-1829  William Neill
1829-1832 Samuel Blanchard How
1832-1834 The College was closed during this time
1834-1842 John Price Durbin
1842-1843 Robert Emory (Acting)
1843-1845 John Price Durbin
1845-1847 Robert Emory
1847-1848 William Henry Allen (Acting)
1848-1852 Jesse Truesdell Peck
1852-1860 Charles Collins
1860-1868 Herman Merrills Johnson
1868  Samuel Dickinson Hillman (Acting)
1868-1872 Robert Laurenson Dashiell
1872-1888 James Andrew McCauley
1888-1889 Charles Francis Himes (Acting)
1889-1911 George Edward Reed
1911-1914 Eugene Allen Noble
1914-1928 James Henry Morgan
1928-1931 Mervin Grant Filler
1931-1932 James Henry Morgan
1932-1933 Karl Tinsley Waugh
1933-1934 James Henry Morgan (Acting)
1934-1944 Fred Pierce Corson
1944-1946 Cornelius William Prettyman
(1945-1946) Spahr, Malcolm, & Vuilleumier (Acting)
1946-1959 William Wilcox Edel
1959-1961 Gilbert Malcolm
1961-1975 Howard Lane Rubendall
1975-1986 Samuel Alston Banks
1986-1987  George Allan (Acting)
1987-1999 A. Lee Fritschler
1999-2013 William Grady Durden
2013-2016 Nancy A. Roseman
2016-2017 Neil B. Weissman (Interim)
2017-2021 Margee M. Ensign
2021- John E. Jones III

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